About BBQ Smokehouse

About BBQ Smokehouse

He did it for the kids! You see, BBQ Smokehouse’s story is just a little different, than most traditional business start-ups. Mike Hill’s barbecue career began as he delivered his delicious barbecue meals, while donating his services to raise money for underprivileged children. As the demand for his barbecue grew, Mike decided to expand his services to catering, and BBQ Smokehouse was born.  

Born and raised in Kansas City, a region known especially for its scrumptious steaks and barbecue, Mike learned the art of preparing delicious Midwestern-style barbecue. Taking the finest beef tri-tip, ribs and pork, slow smoking them over flavorful wood fires, while constantly glazing them with his world famous BBQ Smokehouse Bar-B-Que Sauce.  

It’s the rich, savory flavor of 37 herbs and spices, that make up Mike’s sauce, permeating every bite, to give BBQ Smokehouse meats, their authentic Kansas City barbecue taste. It’s no wonder that BBQ Smokehouse is a favorite with barbecue lovers the world over, and why they all agree, that BBQ Smokehouse meats, are Sooo Smokin’ Good!

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